About us

We’re Star Hotshots, a team of fitness professionals and childcare experts who work with Government funding to design, host and facilitate activity events, parties and programmes for children and young people.

On the face of it, what we do is great fun.

Underpinning everything we do is a serious drive to educate children, their parents, guardians and teachers about the merits of physical activity.

We do this by providing a growing portfolio of opportunities for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers to take part in physical activity and sport.

  • Do you want an activity party or sports-based party for your child or young teen?
  • Are you looking for holiday activities which promote physical wellbeing?
  • Can we help you design activities for children and teens which are active but safe, energetic but contained?
  • Do you want to know more about the opportunities for your child to take part in sport and leisure activities in your area?

It’s not just about health and fitness.

It’s about physical wellbeing, emotional development, learning to expend energy, social interaction, sporting skills, character development and competitive experience.

Talk to Star Hotshots. We can connect you with sports clubs, community groups, sports and leisure organisations. We know about the holiday day camps in your area. And we can help design activity and sports parties with safety, energy and fun.



Qualified PE Teachers

Star Hotshots have qualified PE teachers working at every venue and these are very well supported highly qualified sports coaches and sports assistants.

The owner of Star Hotshots, Harvey Grout, is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at the University of Gloucestershire and has 10 years Physical Education teaching experience.


CRB-Enhanced Staff


Ofsted approved

The quality of our staff is the key to the success of our sports activities. But you don’t have to take our word for it because OFSTED agree:

“The staff are proactive and use their time well; a flexible approach allows children the opportunity to participate in team and individual games. Staff show commitment to continuous improvement thereby ensuring support, care and learning of the children.”
Star Hotshots OFSTED report


Childcare Vouchers Accepted