Multi-Activity Sports Sessions

Your child’s first taste of activity and movement

Welcome to Star Hotshots toddler group sessions

If you’re parent to a toddler, you won’t need us to tell you that this is an exciting but challenging stage.

Horizons are expanding for your toddler, as they learn about the scope of movement and test the powers of what they can do.

Wouldn’t it be great to channel that energy in a safe, contained environment which allows them to let off steam (while maintaining your peace of mind)?

That’s why we designed Star Hotshots 0-4 activity programmes.

To your toddler, our sessions are fun, engaging and tiring.

But there’s a lot more going on. As parents, you’ll see what we mean.

Our 0-4 sessions offer play and activity which gently teach fundamental social and physical skills, allowing your toddler to test themselves at their own pace in a safe environment. We call it the Physical Literacy journey.

There’s more to all of this than encouraging fitter, stronger kids (although that’s important too).

Research shows that children with better physical literacy have more confidence, self-esteem and knowledge, and are more motivated in other areas.

Agility, balance and co-ordination
Motor skills
Spatial awareness
Jumping and landing

0 – 4 Activity Programme

A, B, C
Develop your child’s fundamental motor skills of agility, balance and coordination by playing a number of games and activities that will challenge and encourage them.

Ball Bonanza
An assortment of balls used for children to carry, catch, kick, roll and strike each week.

Mini Gymnastics
A variety of gymnastic circuits and soft play equipment is set up each week for children to develop their fundamental movement skills.

Travelling and Balancing
Children explore different ways of travelling and balancing and undertake movement tasks that require them to demonstrate simple combinations of the skills of travelling and balancing.

We’ve found that the best way to encourage all of this in toddlers is through group activity sessions.

We combine activities which develop and challenge toddlers in a fun, safe way which gently pushes their little boundaries. We know that every toddler has a different sense of ownership, confidence and enthusiasm. Our childcare specialists work closely with each child to give them the right balance of opportunities and boundaries.

What do our toddler sessions include?

Our toddler team is fully-trained and highly experienced in working with toddlers. Most of us are parents, too. The equipment we use is specialist activity equipment for children aged up to 4 years old. We refuse to compromise on equipment and only work with equipment providers who produce the latest, safest and most trusted play and activity equipment for toddlers.

At our toddler activity sessions, you can expect to see agility soft play sets, balance boards, ladders and hurdles, soft-top benches and mini trampolines.


Activity sessions for babies and toddlers

Of course, there’s a huge difference between a crawler and a toddler. Here’s how we split our activity sessions for babies and toddlers.

Crawling to walking?

These sessions, focus on the power of movement and balance as little ones begin to make the transition from crawling to walking.

Two year olds

As they begin toddling, we focus the sessions on fundamental motor skills: running, catching jumping and landing. By working on these important skills now, your toddler will develop movement and control, which they can use in sport, activity and leisure as they grow.

Three and four year olds

What a different a year makes. By now, your child has a good command of the fundamental movement and motor skills. It’s time to introduce them to more advanced skills such as overhand throwing, leaping, dodging, kicking and striking.

Activity sessions at this important stage of your child’s life build a solid base for Physical Education at Foundation and Key Stage 1 level at school.

These sessions will challenge your child and gently stretch their boundaries, giving them the opportunity to use up mental and physical energy.

Skills they pick up now will help them go on to participation in physical activity and sport as they grow up, increasing their self-confidence, social interaction and motivation.


60-minute sessions: the structure

Our toddler sessions are an hour long, but broken into two 25-minute sessions with a short break. This is a great way for young children to focus, have a rest and then refocus on different activities and equipment.
Games and activities
(25 minutes)

The first session will animate and gently challenge your child, allowing him or her to learn to follow simple instructions. They introduce toddlers and their parents and guardians to new games they can enjoy together.

  • Fun games and activities led by a friendly instructor
  • Focus on agility, balance and coordination
Catch-your-breath break
(10 minutes)

Refreshments provided for parents, guardians and childminders, and water or squash provided for the children

Play and share session
(25 minutes)

The second session is toddler-led but fully supervised, with a wide choice of safe equipment available. The aim is to increase your toddler’s confidence and motivation. They will learn to share, build relationships and interact socially.

  • Guided play and activities supervised by staff
  • Latest high quality equipment designed for toddlers

Meet the Star Hotshots childcare and activity staff


Toddler sessions delivered by Suzy Millard – qualified PE teacher

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in working with children, toddlers and young teens. We select team members very carefully. Our interview and vetting process is rigorous and team members do ongoing training to make sure their skills reflect best practice.


For complete staff profiles please


  • staff-image-0-3
    Carly Dudding

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-3
    Claudia Rafferty

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-3-dan-carter
    Dan Carter

    Newly graduated

  • staff-image-0-3-donna-lyons
    Donna Lyons

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-3-elisa-ikin
    Elisa Ikin

    Senior Fitness and Duty Manager, Personal Trainer

  • staff-image-0-3
    Gareth May

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-4-harvey-grout
    Harvey Grout

    Star Hotshots Regional Manager

  • staff-image-0-3-jamie-hazeldine
    Jamie Hazeldine

    Primary School Sports Coach

  • staff-image-0-3-jermaine-webster
    Jermaine Webster

    Head of PE

  • staff-image-0-3-joanna-smaldon
    Joanne Smaldon

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-3-kimberley-holt
    Kimberley Holt

    PE Teacher and Head of A Level PE

  • staff-image-0-3-laura-boyd
    Laura Boyd


  • staff-image-0-3-luke-harding
    Luke Harding

    PE Teacher

  • staff-image-0-3-nick-bovington
    Nick Bovington

    Primary school sports coach and teacher

  • staff-image-0-3
    Rachel Teague

    Junior School PE Teacher and 2nd in Department

  • staff-image-0-3-suzy-millard
    Suzy Millard

    Area Manager

  • staff-image-0-3-tom-burnett
    Tom Burnett

    Head of House, PE Teacher and Master in Charge of Cricket

  • staff-image-0-3-tom-lord
    Tom Lord

    PE Teacher and Head of Year 12