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Between the ages of 5 and 10, children have a lot of energy. And somehow it seems as though they have even more energy than usual during school holidays!

Channel their young energy into outdoor activities, physical challenges and social sport and fitness.

We developed Star Hotshots Multi Activity Holiday Camps for parents and guardians as well as children. You want a reliable, professional and well-designed choice of holiday activities for your children during school holidays. And your children want an amazing set of activities to enjoy with friends in an open but safe environment.

Star Hotshots holiday camps are fun, safe, energetic and challenging enough to develop every child’s skills without overwhelming the less confident ones.

Are you looking for a place your child can be more active and play purpose-made games with friends during the school holidays?

Do you need an activity camp designed for children who aren’t naturally sporty?

Would you like your child to be motivated and gentle challenged to learn new physical skills through sports and activities?

Our highly qualified teachers and experienced coaches ensure that the activities get the best from each child. Every camp is managed by a qualified PE teacher. Their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm makes camp a safe and enjoyable experience for children to develop their physical, social and creative skills.

Children are usually put into groups with children of their own age, but we’re happy to be flexible. If your child would like to be with a friend or sibling, or if we think their skill level is better suited to a different group, we’ll make it happen.

We make sure each group is just the right size to foster a sense of confidence, competition and security.

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5 Year Olds

At 5 years old, children need to burn off energy with games and little challenges that provide just enough of a push. They need to feel challenged but safe, so they can push their own boundaries whilst still feeling in control.

The 5 year olds at Star Hotshots Multi Activity Holiday Camps play plenty of games which work on fundamental skills like running, throwing and catching. The main emphasis is on having fun and being active. We think it’s important that these little ones carry a love of sport, fitness and activity forward into the rest of their childhood and into the teenage years.

It all starts here.

We give plenty of positive feedback as the children take part in our creative games, competitions and personal challenges. There’s a real sense of excitement and motivation is high.

Whether your child loves to run, swim, play team sports or ball games, there’s something here that they’ll love. They’re likely to try some things for the first time, and will probably leave with a new-found love for a sport or activity.

At 5 years old, we are aiming to improve and develop:
Push boundaries

Improve fundamental skills

Have fun

Being active


6 – 7 Year Olds

At 6 and 7 years old, your child is really ready to stretch their wings. We give them a fantastic opportunity to do so in a totally safe environment. They can try new activities or work on sports and skills they already enjoy.

Team sports including football and benchball
Team games are important at this age: they teach children learn how to work together, share, delegate and form team structures.
Our mini-versions (with equipment and rules suitably modified to the age group) make physical advancement fun and social.

Individual sports including golf and tennis
Some children’s personalities are better suited to individual sports, and we give them ample time to develop their skills and confidence.
These sports develop self-confidence, focus, goal setting and strength.

Creative sports including dance and gymnastics
If your child is drawn to dance, gymnastics and other creative sports, they will be able to express themselves and work on specific skills in our creative sessions.
These sports develop balance, creativity, imagination and flexibility.

Swimming is always available at our Activity Camps.

At 6-7 years old, we are aiming to improve and develop:
New skills

8 – 10 Year Olds

At 8, 9 and 10 years old your child is growing up fast and will probably be keen to flex their independence. Personal choice is very important at this age and we give children every opportunity to use choice, decision making and personal responsibility through sport and activity. We respect the face that it is their holiday. They should be doing activities they enjoy! We are always aware that our side of the deal is maintaining a safe environment and providing them with supervision and security.

Star Hotshots Multi Activity Holiday Camps offer traditional sports and new activities, so every child’s character is catered for. Subject to the venue you select, they’ll be able to try golf, softball, table tennis, trampolining, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee and water polo. Swimming is always available.

Our qualified and experienced staff encourage the children to develop their leadership and decision making skills through games and sports. We also teach them sports-specific skills and techniques, and help them to develop any sports skills they may already have from school or extra-curricular sport.

At 8-10 years old, we are aiming to improve and develop: