The Young Leader Award is six-hour programme, which allows young people to lead teams of younger children with confidence and maturity.

It is a fun, practical and motivating way to teach leadership skills. And the best bit? It doesn’t cost you anything beyond the fee you pay already!

We use a range of games and activities, and follow the well-known STEP principle. STEP teaches young leaders how to make effective decisions about the Space, Task, Equipment and organisation of People.

There is also the opportunity for children to work on our Activity Holiday Camps for a day to develop their leadership skills in a practical setting.

Let them take the first step towards becoming a good leader in future situations.

The Young Leader Award is for children aged 11 and over, and delivered by Harvey Grout. Harvey is the founder of Star Hotshots and trains Reading University students on the primary and secondary degree courses on how to deliver Physical Education in schools.

Aspiring young leaders will learn:

  • Leadership skills
  • Decision making
  • Organisational ability
  • Transferrable skills

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